BEST Pill Box: 3 Best Selling Pill Boxes To Organize Pills


Want to organize pills?  You probably noticed there are a gazillion choices of pillboxes and pill organizers.  We did the research for you so you don't have to feel overwhelmed by all the choices and we found the 3 BEST Pill Organizer Boxes on the market today.  

#1 Best Seller is the EZY XL AM/PM Pillbox which we carry here for $12.  Here is a quote from someone who bought this pillbox:

I've tried several styles of pill dispenser to give my 76-yr old Mom her pills over a very medically trying year. This is, by far, the best. Large containers to hold those big pills; large, clear lettering; and BEST of all are the pushbuttons to open each of the 14 containers individually. My Mom just told me her visiting nurse was admiring the container, too. My Mom's symptoms include some confusion and arthritis... I'm so happy I found this.

#2 Best Seller is the Ezy Dose Classic Pill Organizer you can find it on Amazon for $5.99.  Here is what customers say about this one: 

Large enough to hold all 11 vitamin supplements that I take daily. Never pops open in my purse.

#3 Best Seller is the Pill Organizer Box Weekly Case with Pill Splitter Cutter, you can find it on Amazon for $15.99.  Here is what a customer says about this one: 

Anyone who takes multiple medicines, multiple times a day, everyday, knows it’s easy to forget whether you took your meds. This pill box makes it easy to know what you’ve taken and easy to take your meds with you on the go. While the whole thing together is somewhat large, the great thing is that you can just take one day’s worth of meds with you and leave the rest either at home, your office, your hotel room, wherever. You easily slide out the day’s box - and can toss it in your purse or bag.

This should save you some time and headache of finding that perfect pill organizer box to organize your loved ones pills.  

To our loved one's independence and our peace of mind!


founder and inventor of Pill Pouch