BEST Pill Box: 3 Best Selling Pill Boxes To Organize Pills

Want to organize pills?  You probably noticed there are a gazillion choices of pillboxes and pill organizers.  We did the research for you so you don't have to feel overwhelmed by all the choices and we found the 3 BEST Pill Organizer Boxes on the market today.  

DIY Independence and Peace of Mind

Invented by Kathi Sitek and her 90 year old mother Stella, the Pill Pouch, gave them both the peace of mind that Stella was taking her prescriptions, vitamins, supplements and over-the-counter medications correctly.  The Pill Pouch allowed Stella to maintain her independence and live at home.  The Pill Pouch was there for Stella every day even when Kathi couldn't be.  

The Pill Pouch is a visual medication list Stella used daily to guide her in knowing which medication to take and when.  Weekly she used it to set up her 7 day pill organizer.  Stella took it with her to routine doctor visits so doctors could easily see which medications she was on.  And finally, in case of an emergency paramedics or ER staff had a quick and complete reference of all Stella's medication.  We are 100% made in Michigan!


We got to thinking...ever since Kathi and Stella created what we know today as the Pill Pouch, we have been trying to help more people like Stella and families like ours.  

It got us thinking what are we really selling.  We aren't peddling a product.  The Pill Pouch wasn't a thing, it represented so much more.  For Stella it was INDEPENDENCE. PEACE OF MIND. CONTROL. For Kathi it was providing CONFIDENCE. WORRY-FREE. HELP when she couldn't be there to help.   

We started launched a new series of images that will attempt to depict what we are providing.  Our health and the health of our loved ones is full of emotions let us know what you think and what emotions you have wrestled with caring for a loved one both positive and challenging.