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#1 Best Seller Pill Box - AM/PM Weekly Pill Planner (XL)


This pill box/pill planner is one of BEST RATED of its kind and is a best seller.  It is large AM/PM slots to hold a lot of pills.  Its cupped designed makes it is easy to get pills in and out.  This is great for setting up weekly medications and following complex medications regimens.  

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Additional Info

Award-winning Push Button Pill Planners were created to make staying adherent even easier with a large button that pops open each compartment.

  • Extra Large (XL) compartments hold up to 60 aspirin tablets and are great for multiple larger medications and/or vitamins to be taken in the morning and evening
  • Larger push buttons soften the effort needed to open compartments
  • Four silicone "feet" secure the planner to the counter for one-handed opening access
  • Contoured scoop bottom for easy removal with fingertips
  • Translucent lids for easy pill identification
  • Bold, large capitalized lettering for easier compartment identification
  • Recipient of the Ease-of-Use Commendation from the Arthritis Foundation® - commendation is noted on the packaging